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July 15, 2016 


Packard Inc.

• All around Machinist or Toolmaker must be capable and experienced in all aspects of conventional
   Machining, which includes turning, Bridgeport milling and surface grinding.
• Be a self-starter and able to work independently on you own with limited engineering assistance
• Working knowledge of programming and running Proto-Trak and CNC machinery would be a plus
• Have all necessary tools required for the trade.

• Competitive wages reflecting experience
• Paid Lunch
• Clean and air conditioned environment
• Medical Benefits 
• Vacation Pay

Full and part time applications accepted.

Please email applications to John Jones at

Jan 12 ,2016



PHONE (203) 272-2761 • FAX (203) 250-9412 •

Maura A. Esposito RS, MPH Director of Health

An Equal Opportunity Employer/Affirmative Action

Volunteers Wanted

January 2016

During an emergency or crisis, the services that volunteers can provide are crucial. Being able to efficiently utilize the capabilities of volunteers in a time of emergency often present a major challenge. Immediately after the terrorists’ attack in New York City on September 11, 2001, thousands of people arrived at ground zero to volunteer their assistance. Many of those that arrived wanted to provide medical assistance to the victims of the attack. In most cases, one could not distinguish qualified volunteers from unqualified. There was not any mechanism for coordination; therefore, response effectiveness was reduced. Advanced registration of non-healthcare and healthcare volunteers will provide public health and emergency authorities’ immediate access to personnel that may be needed in an emergency.


Because of these concerns, Chesprocott Health District will play an important role in emergency response, especially in the public health sector. Chesprocott Health District (CHD) is looking for individuals who enjoy working with others to make a difference in the health of our community. We seek general volunteers to register with Chesprocott; these volunteers could be individuals with healthcare backgrounds and experience, and non-medical individuals with varying skills and experiences interested in volunteering during emergencies.


Why is local public health looking for volunteers?

One role of local public health is to respond to emergencies that can pose a threat to their community health. In some cases, many volunteers will be needed to help the l cal public health professionals and staffs respond to public health emergencies. Public health emergencies include large outbreaks of a contagious disease, bioterrorism incidents, and natural disasters.


Does the Chesprocott Health District have a plan to respond to emergencies?

Yes, Chesprocott has a Public Health Emergency Response Plan that provides guidelines to coordinate and administer the public health services resources to protect the public and treat the sick and injured in the event of a natural or man-made disaster. This includes communicable disease control, environmental sanitation, emergencies involving toxic or hazardous materials, and other chemical, biological, nuclear and radiological hazards. The Department has developed a detailed plan for rapid, voluntary vaccination or prophylaxis of the over 56,000 residents located in the health district. In order to simultaneously vaccinate or dispense a prophylaxis agent to all our residents, many medical and non-medical volunteers are needed to assist the Health Department.


How will volunteers be contacted?

Once a volunteer form is filled out and provided to the health department you will be notified of up-coming meetings and trainings. You will either be notified of these events by e-mail or through the mail. If volunteers are ever actively requited, you can and will be notified by many sources. Depending on the emergency, you may be notified via email, text, phone or fax if the local responders are not sufficient to meet the need for the response and your assistance is requested.


What type of job duties will I be asked to perform?

The Chesprocott Health District is actively recruiting volunteers. Depending on the emergency, volunteers will be needed to perform a variety of different jobs. Some job duties require little training, and others require an active healthcare professional license such as but not limited to a nurse, nurse practitioner, physician, physician's assistant, pharmacist, sanitarian, dentist, dental hygienist, counselor, psychologist, social worker, veterinarian, & veterinary technician.

There are many positions that require greeters, form distribution, form review, flow monitoring and other simple, but important positions that will help the process of treating our residents and keep our community healthy and safe.

This You Tube video demonstrate the many volunteer roles that Chesprocott Health District will be asking of the volunteers.

Please contact Maura Esposito, Director of Health for the Chesprocott Health District if you have any questions or concerns. 

Volunteer Sign-Up Form

I would like to serve as a volunteer for the Chesprocott Health District in the event of a Public Health

Emergency in our community including the towns of Cheshire, Prospect, and Wolcott.

Name Date


City, State, Zip Code

Work Phone

*Please indicate preferred primary phone and email

Home Phone

Fax Number Cell Phone


Email Address


Email Address

Date of Birth

Gender ☐ M ☐ F

Primary Occupation

Examples include but are not limited to: Administrative Assistant, Caretaker, Computer Technician,

Doctor, Engineer, Homemaker, Retiree, Student, Teacher, etc.

Any other special skills or experience?

Have you signed up on TrainConnecticut? (select one) ☐ Yes ☐ No

Please list any courses you have completed on TrainConnecticut:

I prefer to be

contacted by:

Please help us communicate with all members of our community. Are you fluent

in a language other than English? Only check boxes if you are willing to serve

as a translator.

☐ Work phone ☐ Albanian ☐ Italian ☐ Sign Language

☐ Home phone ☐ Chinese ☐ Japanese ☐ Vietnamese

☐ Cell phone ☐ French ☐ Portuguese

☐ Fax ☐ German ☐ Russian

☐ Email (work) ☐ Hungarian ☐ Spanish

☐ Email (home) ☐ Other (please indicate)

Please return this completed form to Chesprocott Health District by email to,

or mail or fax to the address or fax number listed above. Thank you for your participation. We will be

in touch soon and look forward to working with you.

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