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Mission Statement

The Prospect Business Association was founded in 2014 and
is dedicated to the promotion and expansion of business in the
greater Prospect community by nurturing and providing an outlet
for the natural pride that so many of us have for our town and the
businesses at which we work. The PBA promotes networking and
personal and professional growth opportunities among its members.

We attend new business openings, additions, etc,
like Cheveux Salon Grand Opening Below:

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Business Owners, workers and citizens are welcome to join
our Association; Become a member today. Use the
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As mandated by the State of Connecticut, many of our local Businesses have 
been forced to curtail hours, modes of doing business or simply Shut Down.  

As a community, and with the assistance of the US & State government programs, 
we shall make it through this devastating time. Many workers have been sent home. 
All students are on extended leave, and the end of the school year may already be here.

The Prospect Business Association has cancelled ALL group member meetings for 
the foreseeable future. The PBA Board will continue to meet via conference call to see 
what we can all do to help each other. 

All Business members received an email yesterday that explained which of our local 
Restaurants are remaining open (For Take Out, Pick-Up or Delivery) Only. Please 
continue to support these establishments, who sometimes work on such small margins 
]during non-pandemic times. 

Recommend: Call Ahead. Orders will be Ready. Pay with credit card ob the phone.
Sometimes you can stay in your car and the order will be brought out to you.

Use Doordash or Uber Eats apps if you have them. 

Hair Salons and nail shops have been closed. Social distancing (~6 feet between people)
has required this. 

The next 15 days are very important to the squelching of the spread of this virus in
the US. They talk about flattening the curve of "new cases": we are looking for
the time when new cases added tomorrow is fewer than the new cases added today. 

There may a large spike as the test kits go into serous use, but that is expected. Once 
that settles out, tracking the new cases matters. 

This virus is most dangerous to the elderly, especially those with compromised immune
systems or existing respiratory health issues, including COPD, allergies, asthma... 

Younger people can and do get this viral disease, yet many are asymptomatic - THEY
show  ZERO symptoms. These young "carriers" are dangerous around the elderly, 
so keep your distance from elderly family members, even if you show no sign of the virus. 

Keep safe, keep utilizing local businesses. Look out for the elderly members of your 
neighborhood and your family. We are all in this together. 

I got "take-out" lunch from Hometown Pizza yesterday, from Golden Wok today. 

Peace - Rob Edwards


Tuesday April 14th Fundraising Dinner at Mirabelle's Restaurant 7:00 PM, will be rescheduled!

Join us for the annual PSF Scholarship Fundraising Dinner 
graciously offered by Dom Mirabelle! If you not tasted his sauce, you are missing out!
We will have:

  • Fantastic Food - Chicken Parm, Pasta, Salad.
  • Includes a glass of House wine or draft beer
  • DJ Music (we take requests)
  • Raffle Prizes & baskets.
  • A Guest Speaker. News to follow.

Great food, fun people, superb cause and have a little fun on a Tuesday evening!

See you there.
Thomas Canfield, President
Prospect Business Association.

Call me with questions about how you can
help us: 203-910-5811.


Upcoming Meetings:

All of our Meetings are on Tuesdays this year, we rotate
between evenings at 5:30 PM & mornings at 8:30 AM:


  • 2 April Events for members will be discussed;
    Mirabelle's Fundraising Dinner and
    An Escape Room Team Building Event. 


PSF - Prospect Scholarship Foundation

Scholarship Fundraiser Dinner at 
Mirabelle's Restaurant

Tuesday April 14th.

More info to follow.

Here is the PSF link: 
Scholarship FoundationJ




The PBA Officers for the coming year are as follows:

President – Tom Canfield, Prospect Industries, LLC

Vice President, Membership – Theresa Graveline, United Capital Services Corp.

Treasurer – Maura Esposito, Exec. Director, Chesprocott Health District

Secretary – Matt Terrible, Ion Bank & AceTone Productions Recording Studio
Vice President, Marketing & Technology – Rob Edwards, The Job Shop Company

Membership Dues Invoices have been mailed to all businesses. 

Membership is Due 10/1 thru 9/30 of each year and Dues are still only $100.


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