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Mission Statement

The Prospect Business Association was founded in 2014 and
is dedicated to the promotion and expansion of business in the
greater Prospect community by nurturing and providing an outlet
for the natural pride that so many of us have for our town and the
businesses at which we work. The PBA promotes networking and
personal and professional growth opportunities among its members.

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Business Owners, workers and citizens are welcome to join
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Sad news early for a dear member...

Kelly's Kids, a Non-Profit Corporation which has been providing much needed animal therapy for children in crisis, animal therapy for seniors and a Pets after School Program which provides a quality curriculum of continuity in education through an expanded learning environment outside the traditional school day that exposes youth to new experiences that compliment and amplify their education, was struck by tragedy on the morning on February 4th, 2023.

While all the animals were in the barn overnight due to extreme temperatures, it was discovered that the entire barn was ablaze. They immediately took action to try to release any animals inside, but the fire grew too quickly to salvage anything else and the barn was quickly engulfed in flames. Unfortunately, there was so many casualties in the barn. The building was completely destroyed, and sadly most of the animals were lost. It is a heartbreaking realization that it's no longer there.

A Go Fund Me has been set-up by Asley Kiefer to help replace the barn:


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Mike Begin, President
Prospect Business Association.

Call me with questions about how you can
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PSF - Prospect Scholarship Foundation

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The PBA Officers for the coming year are as follows:

President – Mike Begin, Millennium Technology Solutions

Vice President, Membership – Diane Stewart, ION Bank

Treasurer – Theresa Graveline, United Capital Services Corp.

Secretary – Maura Esposito - Chesprocott Health District
Vice President, Marketing & Technology – Rob Edwards, The Job Shop Company

Membership Dues Invoices will be  mailed to all businesses. 

Membership is Due 1/1 thru 12/31 of each year and Dues are still only $100.


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